1. Do you allow walk-in parties? - No, official parties must be conducted in the private party rooms. No decorations, presents, or cake will be allowed in the dining area.

2. Do you have an age limit for the party count? - No, Everyone is more than welcome to attend. 17 years and younger must have a wristband and you may choose if you would like to include the adults in your wristband package or not. If the adults are not jumping/sliding they are welcome to come in free of charge as long as they wear socks.

3. Can we show up early to set up for a birthday party? - YES, you can come in 15 mins before your party and that is when the balance is due. If you need more time to set up we encourage you to inform your guests to come at a later time that is more convenient for you.

4. Will I have help to set up the party? - Yes, you will have a party attendant happily ready to assist you with all of your needs to set up your party, gather your guests for food and cake time, and of course they will handle ALL of the clean up.

5. Are there any extra taxes and/or fees for the birthday parties? - N0, All taxes and fees are included in the pricing.

6. Is there a deposit for birthday parties? - YES, there is a non-refundable/ non-transferable $75.00 deposit required to hold your reservation. It will be applied to your balance the day of the party.

7. Is the facility open to the public during birthday parties? - Yes, We have open bounce 7 days a week. Your guests will be given special colored wristbands to insure that only your guests will have access to your private party room.

8. Do I need to provide tableware? - NO, all plates, forks, spoons, knives, and napkins are provided with each party.

9. Am I allowed to bring in outside foods? - YES, however we limit this to veggie trays, fruit trays, ice cream, and cake/cupcakes. NO OTHER OUTSIDE FOODS/CONTAINERS WILL BE PERMITED BEYOND THE GATES.

10. Am I allowed to bring in any additional waters or cups? - NO, each party package comes with a number cups with UNLIMITED REFILLS. If you exhaust your party package cups, additional cups must be added to a tab and purchased at menu pricing.

11. Am I allowed to set up candy displays? - NO, for safety reasons we ask that all candy is put into goodie bags and handed out at the end of the party as guests are leaving.

12. Am I allowed to bring glitter or confetti? - NO, absolutely no confetti/glitter or confetti/glitter filled balloons are permitted. If any confetti/glitter is found there will be a $250 clean up fee enforced.

General Questions

1. Is there an age limit to play? - N0, everyone is more than welcome to play. All participants must have a wristband to get on attractions.

2. Is there a time limit to play? - NO, all wristbands give you valid access for the entire day. COME AND GO AS YOU PLEASE.

3. Do I have to wear socks? - YES, EVERYONE beyond the gates must wear socks regardless if they are using the attractions or not.

3. Can we bring snacks/drinks? - No, we do not allow any outside foods, drinks, or containers beyond the gates.

4. Do you have group discounts? - Yes, We have a 10 wristband pre-paid punch cards that NEVER EXPIRES.